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Possible use of simpleHomeSwitch Nodes
The Nodes action parameters can be set with a WebSocket capable Web Browser. The Nodes testing once per minute if actions are needed.
simpleHomeSwitch use a UTC/GMT UNIX Time Stamp. And of course: The Local Time, Sunrise/set and Summertime/DST are based on your location and rules.
Example parameters: Local time and *C or *F. Sunrise/Sunset Time "Offset", for both a positive or negative value.

  • Lights ON/OFF (in the morning and evening, mode 4:sunRise, 5:sunSet)
    ON: 06:30 (if ONtime<Sunrise+offset)
    OFF: Sunrise+offset
    ON: Sunset-offset (if OFFtime>Sunset-offset)
    OFF: 23:30 (Or after midnight 00:45, A new sHS day starts on 04:00 am)
  • Sun screen (mode 6:Sun)
    DOWN: if temp>=21.5*C && lux>=380 && YoYoTime
    UP: if lux <= 30(badweatherLux) || ((temp<=21*C || lux<=60) && YoYoTime)
  • off/onPublish (mode 0: Manual, 8: Night)
    (replacement for ((Not)AtHome or Night), push button and (RED) GREEN flashing LEDs)

        Short time PAUSE: night 04:00, a new day and doAction() set it to ACTIVE
        Long time STOP: wait for user revoked
        Normal ACTIVE: action mode

    Central heating (LOW and PAUSE/STOP) AUTO (send command to the optocouplers thermostat bridge Node, see picture)
    Kitchen close-in boiler (OFF and PAUSE/STOP) ACTIVE and ON (send commands to the Sonoff boiler relay Node)
    Room lights (OFF and PAUSE/STOP) ACTIVE (send commands to the KaKu (CoCo) radio Node)
    .... and more ...
  • Outdoor lighting (mode 8: Night)
    OFF: Sunrise+offset
    ON: Sunset-offset
  • (Lamella) Curtains (mode 8: Night, with stepperSteps motor)
    OPEN: Sunrise+offset
    CLOSE: Sunset-offset
  • Pond pump (mode 7: Day)
    ON: Sunrise+offset
    OFF: Sunset-offset
    SPEED: turn the AC power potentiometer 0-259* (with stepperDegrees motor)
  • And much more....