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Very affordable on Banggood/AliExpress/OPENcircuit. For configuration examples see images and/or Fritzing (in the download).

  • ESP32 dev kit
  • Power supply 140-250VAC to 5VDC, min. 1A
  • 2 or 3 relays (voltage and power depending on the fan and  the heating element)
    (the Arduino/ESP relay modules are NOT 250VAC 10A, i don't use modules and use a third true 16A relay)
  • 2 momentary buttons
    or use the ESP32 Touch ports
  • Red LED
  • Resistors: 680Ω (LED), 2 x 20KΩ (NTC),
    2 x 10KΩ or ... (transistor Base)
  • 2 transistor S9013 or ...
  •  2 diode 1N7004 or ... (used on relays)
  • Prototype PCB Board, 11x4 cm
  • 2 fuse 16A slow
  • Male/female headers and wires as needed
  • Maverick ET-73 meat probe
  • 2.5mm Stereo jack panel mount (meat probe)

Enclosed PDF in the ZIP-file: Philips AirFryer Service Manual.