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Download my AirFryer project here.
Use the latest Arduino IDE and Arduino/ESP32 libraries or, if you are an advanced programmer, PlatformIO.
We use only the third-party library "WebSocketsServer.h" from https:/github.com/Links2004/arduinoWebSockets.
The HTML is a simple test and demonstration of AirFryer. Develop your own (graphical) user interface in HTML/JavaScript.
The AirFryer WebSocket Server must have a static IP.

Edit this:
In AirFryer.html: edit the edit this section.
In EditMe.h: change it to your choices, you can also choose Celsius or Fahrenheit.

We use the Steinhart-Hart model coefficients A, B and C parameters. Or, if you change the code, use the NTCcalculator.
In the AirFryer user interface you see every 2 sec. an update of the calculated thermistor resistance(s) and the calculated temperature(s).
For more thermistor information search the Web for (Arduino/BBQ) thermistor.

PID control?
I have no PID control applied. Over/undershoot of the AirFryer temperature has, in my experience, no adverse consequences for the food.
But, if still desired then the Arduino PID library a very good choice. I use this PID library in my Sous-vide projects, with an accuracy of 0.06°C.