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Very affordable on Banggood/AliExpress. For configuration examples see images and/or Fritzing (in the download).
Total cost: ~$/€ 40.=.

  • Cheap 3L fries pan, max. 2000W ($/€ ~20,=)
  • 28YBJ-48 DC 5V 4 Phase 5 Wire Stepper Motor With ULN2003 Driver Board
    (Buy a 4096 steps type, or change my degrees and stepper code)
  • 220V, 2000W AC SCR (Volt and Watt depending on the used fries pan)
  • Mini USB water pump, 5V, 100°C
  • Micro switch
  • 5V DC power, min. 700mA
  • Waterproof DS18B20 Digital 1-wire temperature sensor
  • 4.7K resistor
  • 470uF elco
  • 100nF ceramic
  • 220V, 10A relay (.../WeMos/Solid state)
    (Volt and Amperes depending on the used fries pan)
  • WeMos D1 mini
  • PCB 7x9 cm
  • Various mounting materials and wires (see images)

The PCB is mounted in the modified housing of the fries pan.