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mySimpleThings (myST)

With a unlimited number of ESP32 ESP-NOW devices
mySt addressing as: building (00-19), floor (00-99), room (00-99)
Communication with YOU over a ESP32/8266 WebSocket Server and Web browser(s)/WebView
With NTP time client, OTA upload, DST/Summertime and Sunrise/Sunset
With mySimpleThings, onStart, onCommand and onAction(time/event) user functions
And included my SimpleLib library with 25 Simple "how to use it" examples

Quote from Espressif: ESP-NOW is a kind of connectionless Wi-Fi communication protocol which is defined by Espressif. In ESP-NOW, application data is encapsulated in vendor-specific action frame and then transmitted from one Wi-Fi device to another without connection. CTR with CBC-MAC Protocol(CCMP) is used to protect the action frame for security. ESP-NOW is widely used in smart light, remote controlling, sensor, etc. https://docs.espressif.com/projects/esp-idf/en/latest/api-reference/wifi/esp_now.html