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My Proofing and Holding (Cabinet) Base
Includes a bread baking example with my 'my way' hints!
Also usable as Yogurt Maker and Chocolate Melter
ESP32 with PID-controller
-thermistor, Touch Screen
Over The Air firmware-update
Included a HTML WebSocket Client

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What kind of thing is this?
Simply said, a warming plate, for in a cabinet, with ProportioneelIntegrerend, Differentiërend temperature control and a countdown timer.
Temperature: selectable 20-50°C (optional up to 80°C).
Countdown timer: selectable 00:05-12:55 (hh:mm), in steps of 1 hour and/or 5 minutes.
Two bread rise presets: 1st rise 27°C and 2nd rise 29°C (or at your own choice in the code).
2.8" Touch Screen, 320x240px (6x4.5cm).
START: here in use with Radio button 'Preset 27', minutes to go 26, thermistor measure 26.8°C (red: PID=ON), heat plates 1-OFF and 2-ON, circulation fans ON.
STOP: pause and press START to go on, or 'if time has run out' STOP is RED and the buzzer Beeps, press STOP to stop the Beeps.
RESET: back to initial settings. Easy after pre-heating.
Also included a HTML WebSocket Client, with temperature and time information.