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Required components:

  • ESP32 evkitc v4
  • 2.8" or 2.4" SPI Touch Screen 320x240 pixels
  • a 2 Solid State Relay module 2A at 100 to 240VAC
  • 2x PTC thermostat Heater plates 50W/80°C
  • NTC3950 10K, Waterproof (and a 10KΩ resistor)
  • Piezo Buzzer
  • Pentole Agnelli COAL49 / 335 Low rectangular baking tray, aluminium, grey, 35 x 28 cm
  • 4x M8x40mm carriage bolts
  • 8x M8x26mm spacers (as baking tray legs)
    if required: a insulation plate can be mounted between two spacers
  • 2x DC 5V, 0.2A PI fan 30x30x7mm
  • Hi-Link HLK-5M05, AC to DC 5V, 1A power module
  • Speaker cable 2x0.75 (has marked wires)
  • wired Slow-Blow Fuse 2A 250V
  • ABS UTILIBOX, 135x75x50mm
  • the materials listed above
  • A few more installation materials from your stock: wires, terminal blocks, cable ties and so on....
  • Design and build a (foldable) cabinet to your own idea