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"Simple" and cheap, a ~$/€ 12.= Sous-vide with a Wi-Fi WebSocker Server and PID control.
(There is also a "Luxe" ~$/€ 40.= Sous-vide pan Wi-Fi WebSocker Server
with circulation pump and an PID controlled accuracy of 0.06°C)
  Sous-vide cooking, hmmm: enjoy your meal - bon appétit - eet smakelijk 

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"Simple" Sous-vide cooking:
That's a Sonoff ESP8266 module with a waterproof DS18B20 Digital temperature sensor.
Programmable over Wi-Fi with a ESP8266 WebSoket 1) Server and a HTML5-Client.
- Use an electric kettle or rice cooker.
- Connecting to mains via the Sonoff.
- Hang the sensor in the water.
- Kettle/cooker power switch ON and set thermostat to maximum.
- Open SousVide.html in a modern browser (PC, Tablet, Smartphone).
- Connect it to the Sous-vide Server.
- Send command(s) to the Server (see Sous-vide cooking, last page)
- See the temperature chart in your Browser and wait for MP3 signal.
- Enjoy your meal - Bon appétit - Eet smakelijk.

1) WebSocket?: Real-time bidirectional event-based communication.