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A websocket client.
A PubSub or MQTT service is not required.   

Up to 16 hi-res (15 bits) A-ports over I2C.
Included a websocket server.

Included a ESP8266 websocket server and (demo)browser client (A PubSub or MQTT service is not required).
Two libraries: ADS1115 an thermistor.
Max. input  voltage: VDD + 0,3V
Get from port #n:

  1. maxSteps
      4.096/32768 (Gain amplifier bit is set to 0x1 = 4.096V by 65536 neg+pos steps, we use only the positive steps)
  2. VoltStep
  3. Volt
      calculated value (VoltStep * steps)
  4. steps
      I2C value read from ADS1115 port #n
  5. Ohm
      voltage divider (used by thermistor(s))
  6. temp
      calibrated temperature (only from thermistor(s))
  • The ADS1115 modules use only two D-pins (I2C)
    So you have 2-9 pins free (depending on the ESP8266 type)
  • Configurated for 3.3V VDD
  • Up to 16 hi-res A-Pins
  • Gain amplifier bit is set to 0x1 (= 4.096V by 65536 steps)
  • 15 bits resolution (32768 positive steps, there are also 32768 negative steps)
  • ~26600 steps (arduino 1024) on ~3.3V
  • ~0.000125V-step on ~3.3V
  • Including a thermistor library with Steinhart-Hart A-B-C coefficients calculation and calibrate option
    Thermistors can be connected to any port (0-15)

http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/ads1115.pdf ADS1115
http://blog2.thermoworks.com/2010/10/making-a-proper-ice-bath/  how to making a proper ice bath!!!