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mySimpleThings possibilities

All you want to, and can make, with a unlimited number of ESP32 ESP-NOW Nodes.
All Nodes has/can:

  • All Nodes can comminicate with a single or Paired set of Nodes and your WebBrowser,
  • Communicate with the Nodes over Local WiFi and Internet with a WebBrowser.
    Using a WebSocket Server ESP32/8266 and Serial2/SoftwareSerial with Node "000000".
  • OTA firmware upload, with a 5 minutes time window:
    • on restart.
    • a command.
    • push button.
  • NTP time client:
    • get and sync the time on (re)start.
    • sync the time on 04:00.
      A myST_node day ends at 03:59:59 night.
  • Calculated Sunrise and Sunset for your own location.
  • Calculated or Static DST/Summertime for your own location.
  • Use buttons, sensors, steppers, radio, Lora, bluetooth(module), relays, ....
  • Switch lamps, (un)loc doors, sun-screens and/or shutters DOWN/UP, heating ON/OFF, ...
  • (Not)AtHome: switch all what you want with only one push button or command.
    • Switch a green/red flash LED.
    • Switch lamp or ... ON/OFF or DOWN/UP.
    • Send command(s) to other Nodes to switch:
      Heating, boiler, door (un)lock, ...
  • And so on....

Code to edit:

  1. <path>/libraries/myST_lib/myST_Init.h:
    Universal used parameters for all your Nodes,
    • SSID, Password.
    •  Location, Timezone, DST/Summertime rules.
  2. Each Node:
    •  myST_<address>.ino:
      Set Shared-Paired-Private address (Building-Floor-Room)
    • myST_Node.h:
      Define what this Node have to do.
      Item fields and values, extra init(), loop() and other Node related functions.
    • myST_Start.h:
      (re)Start code for this Node.
    • myST_Cmd.h:
      Handling received commands.
    • myST_Action.h:
      Ones a minute test for actions.