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Helpers in this library

  • Get KaKu (CoCo) transmitter codes (OLD and NEW).
  • Set RTC_DS3231 date and time.
  • ESP8266 SPIFFS file system format. Use this, on all Nodes, before firs time simpleHomeSwitch upload.
    Please note Set IDE compile to: >=2M (1M SPIFFS) or >=1M (64K SPIFFS)
  • ESP8266 SPIFFS FTP Files Server (use the FileZilla FTP Client to down- and upload SPIFFS files).
    This FTP Server bonus tool is not really necessary, but you may want to see, or change, the database records on your PC.
  • Set and test the SoftwareSerial Bluetooth HC-05 Master and Slave modules.
  • Set a "auto connect" Serial Bluetooth HC-05 module for using with Widows and Android (OTA upload and/or Monitor).
    (You can use one Serial Bluetooth HC-05 module for all the Nodes with a small 8 pins ESP8266-nn and a 4 pins Sonoff PCB)