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Touch Screen Calibration:
The X/Y start and end values are different for each Touch Screen.The attached file Touch_calibrate.ino is a sketch to generate the calibration values used for this project.
Connect the display to the ESP32 and run the sketch. On display Touch corners as indicated and update the five values from monitor in...
proofer.ino in code:    uint16_t calData[5] = {380, 3543, 276, 3472, 7};

NTC3955 Thermistor Calibration (Or any other type of NTC and resistor):
Doe NOT use a OneWire (Dallas) temperature sensor, for recovery it needs 800ms and that affects the responsiveness of the touch screen.
First to do:
Before soldering, measure the 10KΩ serial resistor resistance with a multi meter and update the value in ...
in code:    const uint16_t ntcS = 10080// ... the 10KOhm resistor (use a multi meter)
After that:
Connect the resistor and NTC with the ESP32
The function float getTemp() calculates the ABC resistance curve values of Steinhart–Hart equation at startup.
Theoretical: We can use the NTC 3950 list resistances (data sheet in folder ...\Proofer\more\).
Practical : The NTC-wiring and connections affect the resistance. So we need to know the resistance of the water temperatures at 25/45/65*C for this project.
Use a USB connection and the monitor,UNcommend in code:   #define PRINT_RESISTANCE
Use an accurate thermometer. NTC in 25/45/65*C warm water and get the values from monitor and update the three values in ...
in code:    const uint16_t ntcR[3] = {11970, 5414, 2660}, // ... measured resistances...
Done? REcommend in code:  //#define PRINT_RESISTANCE

WebSocket Server/Client:
Proofer.ino has a WebSocket Server and there is also an HTML WebSocket Client in the project folder.

PID tuning:
In ESP32 ino-sketch: Kp, Ki and Kd are the PID tuning values and are simple saved in EEPROM after the first run.
You can easily change the PID values using a web browser. Changes are saved in EEPROM and therefore also used next time.
Web browser: Proofer.html
On startup, the current values are displayed in the text boxes.